Thursday, 20 December 2012


When Cornell started using Hola as his greeting, the blame landed on the shoulders of his attention-grabbing hottie girlfriend.

She was Spanish, probably Mexican, although none of us really gave a crap. All we wanted was for the old Cornell to resurface.

Hola? Seriously?

Dude, we know you love her, and she's probably awesome in bed (what with those enormous jugs and all), but come on man.

First of all, we live in Canada, for crying out loud. This isn't Mexico or the US of freaking A. We don't like tacos and we don't drive cars that bounce and we sure as shooting don't say Hola! when we say hello.

We say hello, or hi, or hey, or 'sup, or dude, or even bro (although I personally think that one's a little over the top).

Not Hola!

Never freaking Hola!


And another thing.

The next time you decide to bring your hottie to poker night, there's going to be some serious push-back. I don't care if she makes the best guacamole on the planet, or if she can crap diamonds. The chicks are not welcome at poker.

No exceptions.

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